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Rape-accused actor Vijay Babu calls real victim himself, here’s the complete matter?

Vijay Babu Matter

Vijay Babu was arrested by the police but is not in jail because he is on bail under certain conditions as no evidence or proof has been found against him and he will not face any punishment until sufficient evidence is proved.

Actor and director Vijay babu has been arrested by the Kerala police, as a Malayalam actress with who he knew since 2018 and has also done a film together has filed a complaint against him that he arraigns her sexually and physically.

Actress filed the complaint?

The Malayalam actress who knows Vijay babu for 4 years and has also worked in his movie has filed a complaint in Ernakulam. The actress has filed a complaint at the police station that Vijay has sexually abused her.

The actress is saying that Vijay babu has beaten him several times and also has done her rape in flats and his own house. He has sexually abused her 19 times.

Case background

The case was filed on 22nd April 2022 by a Malayalam actress against Vijay babu. After that Vijay Baby also filed a case against the actress. The police have granted bail to Vijay babu till the investigation is going on.

On 27 June 2022, the Kerala police called Vijay babu for questioning at 9 am which goes till 3. From 27th June to 3 July Vijay cannot leave the country under any condition as the police will call him for investigation if required.

Against the instructions of the high court, Vijay babu can be interrogated for the next seven days.

No evidence has been found by the police for the rape case and as Vijay babu has said he was the “real victim” he has also not revealed the name of the person yet. The high court is just extending Vijay Babu’s bail.

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