Venom 2 streaming platform, Where and How to watch free, Crossover with Spiderman?

Venom 2 Movie OTT

There are a lot of speculations nowadays circulating in the social media platforms that will there the Venom: Let There Be Carnage to be released on streaming platforms, or is it only going to release on theatres?

What about the Spiderman crossover in Venom, is that going to happen or not? well, we are going to give you all the answers here in this article.

Venom: Let there be Carnage (2021) which has recently been released in the U.S is a sequel to the earlier release Venom (2018). The film is getting amazing responses worldwide and is soon to be hit theatres in India on October 14.

The film starts from where the earlier Venom (2018) ended, in the mid-credit scene, Hardy is invited by mulligan to interview the antagonist Cletus Kasady.

Mulligan’s role is being played by Stephen Graham and the protagonist of the show Cletus Kasady is being played by the Academy and Golden Globe nominee Woody Harrelson.

Is ‘Venom: Let there Be Carnage’ available online?

While a lot of movie lovers or Marvel comic fans want the film to be premiere on the streaming platforms, for them the news is said ‘no’, Venom is not gonna release on any Over the Top platforms.

As the corona situation is in the whole world improving marginally, people getting recovered, taking vaccine shots, and theatres are reopening, hence the Sony distributors likely not release it in any OTT platform for some months.

If you wish you can watch other Marvel movies on the streaming platform Disney+Hotstar, It has a lot of Marvel movies like Black Widow which was recently released, Iron Man All parts, Thor All parts, Avengers all parts, Captain America, Guardians of Galaxy, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, etc. or In Starz OTT platform you can watch all spiderman movies.

The deal between Sony & Disney

Disney and the distributor Sony’s deal which happened in April 2021, said that the Marvel content of Sony including loosely defined characters like Venom may stream on Disney+Hotstar and Hulu OTT platform but only after some stay on Netflix. So, ‘Venom: Let there be Carnage’ might eventually release on Disney+ Hostar.

Crossover with Spiderman?

There’s another question in viewers’ minds that will spiderman crossover with Venom will going to happen ever or not?

Well, I think there’s a clue in the Venom 2 mid-credits scene where, Venom and Hardy, while discussing what to do next? after killing Kasady and its symbiote Carnage, heard in the news that Spiderman’s identity has been revealed.

Earlier Hardy has also announced that there will be another Venom part 3, so are they trying to tell that Venom and Hardy will gonna meet Spiderman in the upcoming sequels? maybe or maybe not? for that, we have to first watch Spiderman: No Way Home which is going to release in theatres worldwide on 17 Dec this year, to find if they have given any clue related to Venom in the movie or not?

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