Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities Then And Now with Pics

Bollywood celebrities are no strangers to transformations. During their time in the industry, their personalities and appearances have changed like passing seasons. Some have become fit, fitter and fittest like Karan Johar and Parineeti Chopra while some have lost their charm to drugs, alcohol and smoking like Arjun Rampal and Shahrukh Khan. Intoxicating is a personal choice but its effects sure reflect on your face, Bollywood is proof. 

Now here are some mind-boggling and nerve-wracking transformations of famous Bollywood faces.

1- Karan Johar Then and Now

Karan Johar’s transformation from fat to fit is inspirational

Director, Karan Johar’s story is an inspiration for the world. He not only went from fat to fit but also changed his style quotient altogether.

2- Kapil Sharma Then and Now

The comedian-singer-actor’s transformation curve went downhill as his show went off air and he resorted to alcohol as a stress buster.

Kapil Sharma Then and Now: This picture says it all that how comedian-actor Kapil Sharma lost stardom

This picture shows Kapil Sharma’s success story, once a stand-up comedian is now king Television

But now, the guy is back in form, working harder than ever to get back to his original avatar.

3- Zareen Khan Then and Now

Zareen Khan is a dancer since childhood but the overweight was her problem, she reduced the weight and becomes a popular actress

As a dancer, Zareen Khan always faced criticism for being overweight. It seems the bad-mouthing really got to her and she shed more than a few kilos to get back at them.

4- Sonakshi Sinha Then and Now

Before entering Bollywood, Sonakshi Sinha was overweight and now she is one of the fittest Bollywood divas

Overweight and nerdy – That was Sonakshi Sinha before entering Bollywood. After training under Bhaijaan’s trainer, she got into shape only to become a successful Bollywood diva.

5- Uday Chopra Then and Now

Once a macho man Uday Chopra has destroyed his physique

Once a macho man with washboard abs, Uday Chopra looks nothing like his initial days. He has definitely put on a lot of weight in the last couple of years.

6- Fardeen Khan Then and Now

Once people used to call him a chocolaty boy, see how Fardeen becomes laddu now

The chocolate boy of the early 2000s has finally turned into a sweet laddu. The actor’s journey from fit to fat is disturbing.

7- Smilie Suri Then and Now

Do you remember Kalyug (2005) innocent girl, the actress Smilie has become so fat now

Do you remember Kalyug (2005) innocent girl? The actress Smilie is almost unrecognizable now.

8- Mandira Bedi Then and Now

90’s shy Mandira Bedi is one of the boldest film personalities now

90’s shy Mandira Bedi is one of the boldest film personalities now. She is #fitnessgoals, #mommygoals, and #bodygoals all rolled in one diva.

9- Rahul Roy Then and Now

Original Aashiqui actor Rahul Roy Then and Now

Looks like, original Aashiqui actor, Rahul Roy gave in to his sugar cravings and midnight hunger pangs.

10- Adnan Sami Then and Now

Adnan Sami’s fat to fit transformation is a huge inspiration for all

Adnan Sami’s fat to fit transformation is a huge inspiration for all.

Bollywood celebrity photos then and now are inspiring enough for you to hit the gym or adopt a healthy lifestyle. So, what are waiting for? Get into your running shoes before you end up like one of unfit Bollywood celebs. 

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