Diploma OR Certificate Courses, Which is better?

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Clear your confusion about certificate & diploma courses here.


We all understand that taking any decision about your education is a very crucial decision of your life. Therefore, students are very much confused during their 12th. 

Students are worried about their future and career. The most common thought which comes to mind is “What to do after the 12th?”

Most of the students are confused about short-term courses. Either they should pursue a diploma course or a Certificate course. 

Now, most of us are confused with the importance of diploma or certificate courses OR we are not sure which one is better between the diploma or the certificate courses. 

Hence, we have provided you with some important information about both in this article. May this will be able to solve your dilemma about diploma and certificate course.

Difference Between Diploma and Certificate Courses

Both diplomas and certificates are referred to as short-term courses or can be termed as shortest courses of study and can be pursued as diploma courses after 12th.

The diplomas are provided to high school students who completed their high school studies.

Certificate Courses

The Certificate programs are shorter in length that can be associated with the degree course. The Certificate courses are referred to as academic credentials which are being awarded to the students who already completed the vocational training or any on-job training programs in different subjects.

These usually take less than 4 years to complete and are known as postsecondary awards. Students can pursue undergraduate certificate programs and graduate certificate programs as per their area of specialization.

Moreover, there are some undergraduate certificate programs. The undergraduate certificate courses are designed in such a way that offers students the chance to enroll in a group of related classes. 

Certificate programs are mainly available for technical fields or any technical specialization. You will achieve the certificate once you complete the required work in a specified skill. Also, the certification course only requires the class and training that is directly relating to the specific area of study. 

Certificate courses in India are available in different streams such as Management, Healthcare, Education, Foreign Languages Arts, Commerce, Science, Law, etc. Certification courses are generally completed within a year.

Moreover, the certificate doesn’t provide an overview of the area of study like a Diploma program does.

Diploma Courses

The diploma courses are in more depth than certificate courses. They provide deep knowledge of the particular specialization of your interest.

A diploma can be a yearly course or sometimes it is divided into semesters pattern. However, the diplomas which follow a semester pattern are usually of four years, with three years dedicated to studies and one year devoted to an industrial internship.

The diploma courses are quite similar to the certificate courses. However, diplomas focus on a specific skill or field, without the general education coursework required by a degree. 

Diploma courses can be pursued directly after 10th, 12th as well as after the completion of post-graduation.

Diploma programs are available in different fields such as automotive engineering, biotech, commerce, etc. And diploma programs are mostly done during on-job training.

Moreover, diplomas are mainly required by various organizations as a job skill requirement.


In this case, the main role is played by your focus on your future goal. As soon as you decide your future goals and your career objective, the sooner you will be able to choose the field of your interest.

However, many of you are not able to make your mind during your 11th or 12th. Though, this is not a matter to worry much. You can still be able to choose your dream career.

If you have a keen interest in any particular field and you are very good at it, then doing a diploma or certification course in that field would be a good decision.

However, if you are not sure about the field of your interest then definitely you should try to enroll yourself with degree courses after 12th.

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