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World UFO Day 2022: Date, History, significance and all you need to know

World UFO Day

Every year July 2 is observed as World UFO day with the goal of increasing public awareness about UFOs. Haktan Akdogan, a UFO researcher, observed the first World UFO Day in 2001.

World UFO Day is an awareness day when people around the world attend celebrations and skywatch for unexplained flying objects. It is observed on June 24 by some and on July 2 by others.

What is a UFO?

According to the World UFO Day official website, UFOs are typically categorised as anomalies that are either wholly unidentified or identifiable.

One of the broadest definitions of a UFO is an object in the sky that is visible but cannot be linked to a known object or natural phenomenon.

History and Significance of the day

Aviation expert Kenneth Arnold said that nine strange objects passed over Washington on June 24 in the early 1900s. The term “saucer-like” or “a big flat disc” that he used to describe them has since come to represent hypothetical alien spaceships.

An occurrence resembling a crash was reported in New Mexico in 1947, which sparked a series of UFO conspiracy theories. The only recorded witness to the incident, William Brazel, described the wreckage of the crashed UFO as being formed of rubber strips and tinfoil.

In order to promote awareness regarding “the existence of UFOs and with that intelligent being from outer space” that would rule out the concept that we are alone in the cosmos, the World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) later designated July 2 as the day’s celebration.

While the most essential thing is that everyone opens their eyes to the topic for one day and sends out the word that UFOs are welcome on this planet, WUFODO also aimed to persuade governments to declassify documentation on alleged UFO encounters.

How is World UFO Day celebrated?

Those who are adamantly in favour of the UFO phenomenon work to raise awareness of UFOs, aliens, and their alien existence somewhere in the cosmos. The proponents want people to believe that there are other worlds that aliens may inhabit in addition to the one that humans have created.

On this day, there are many stories and beliefs regarding UFOs coming to Earth in quest of people. People who are interested in the cosmos, space exploration, and sky-watching encourage others to keep an eye out for signs of alien life and UFO-like objects in space.

Despite the lack of solid ground in the form of clear evidence, UFO Day is annually observed with enthusiasm and awe by the worl.

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