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Kashmiri Youtuber Faisal Wani Apologies for Graphic Video on Nupur Sharma

Faisal Wani Video

The ongoing Prophet Muhammad controversy is making the grip stronger day by day instead of going down and we can see totally unrest in the country. On Friday, thousands Muslims came on road in various parts of the country to protest against the controversial remark of ex-BJP leader Nupur Sharma, demanding her arrest. 

The violence erupted in various places due to the confrontation between the mob and Police, several got injured and two were killed in Police firing in Jharkhand. 

Meanwhile, another video came from Kashmir that is doing rounds all over social media. A valley-based Youtuber named Faisal Wani posted a digitally recreated graphic video, which led to another controversy. 

About the Video

The Youtuber posted the graphic video on his YouTube channel Deep Pain Fitness in which he could be heard saying “No action… Gustak-e-Rasool ki ek hi saza… Saar Kalam” (The punishment for blasphemy is beheading). The video showed him beheading an effigy of the suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma with an axe.

The matter came to light after Kashmiri Journalist Aditya Raj Kaul shared the video on Twitter.

Apology after Video Went Viral

After the sensitive video went viral, the Kashmiri YouTuber deleted it and issued a fresh video apologising for his action through another video on his channel. “Yesterday, I made a VFX video about Nupur Sharma which went viral all over India. An innocent person such as me got implicated in the controversy.” He said.

Wani further stated that he didn’t have any intentions to hurt the religious sentiment of others and clarified that he had deleted his disturbing video from his channel. He said “I hope you will make this video viral too like my other video. This is how everyone will know that I am apologetic about my actions.”

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