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Shraddha Walker Murder: Aftab Poonawala Watched Dexter, Dated Another Woman Post Chopping her into 35 Pieces

Shraddha Walker Murder Case

The gruesome Shraddha Walker murder case of Delhi has left the capital as well as the entire nation in a complete shock due to the extent of cruelty and gruesomeness that will shake you to the core.

After six months of this horrific incident, the Delhi Police has finally solved the blind murder case and arrested Shraddha’s live-in partner, Aftab Poonawala, for killing her and chopping her body into 35 pieces.

Aftab, the 28-year-old man who is a resident of Mumbai, was caught on Saturday, November 13, in Delhi on the basis of the missing complaint registered by Sharaddha’s father, Vikas Madan Walker, a resident of Palghar, Maharashtra.

What is the Entire Matter?

As per Delhi Police, Shraddha and Aftab fell in love while working in Mumbai and moved to Delhi after opposition from families. As per the victim’s father, he and his wife didn’t approve of their relationship as it was an interfaith relationship.

Despite their disapproval, Shraddha left her home to be in a live-in relationship with Aftab, after which they moved to the national capital. While they were in Delhi, they had an argument in mid-May over marriage, as Shraddha wanted to get married soon but Aftab was not ready for that.

On May 18, the argument got escalated and situation got so out of control that Aftab strangled her in rage. He then chopped her into 37 pieces, and disposed of the body parts for 18 days in different parts of Delhi. He purchased a 300-liter refrigerator to store her body parts before disposing of them. He even used agarbatti in the flat to prevent any stench.

How the Murder Mystery was Uncovered?

The murder mystery was uncovered only after the victim’s father, Vikas Walker, came to Delhi in search of his daughter. As per a police complaint registered by her father in Mumbai, one of Shraddha’s friends informed Vikas that his daughter’s phone had been unreachable for two months.

The complaint also stated that Aftab was abusive to Shraddha and used to beat her up, and she had informed her family about this. The victim’s last known location was discovered to be Delhi during the initial investigations, so the case was transferred to Delhi Police, who eventually apprehended the accused on November 13.

Aftab’s obsession with Crime Thrillers

As the days pass, some shocking updates regarding it are also coming out. Among such revelations, one is that Aftab, who murdered his live-in partner in the Mehrauli area of Delhi and chopped her body into 35 pieces, was reportedly inspired by the American crime thriller show Dexter, which tells the story of a man with homicidal tendencies who lives a double life.

Being a professional chef, Aftab was adept at using a knife. He has been remanded to a five-day custody and further investigation is underway. As per ANI, he was taken to the Mehrauli forest area by the police to collect the body parts that he had disposed of there.

Reportedly, Aftab had invited another woman to his flat in South Delhi’s Meharuli on a date days after he murdered Shraddha. Strangely when the she was in the flat, he had hidden Walker’s body parts in kitchen’s fridge. As per the reports of Indian Express, the police said that Aftab made the revelation during an interrogation.

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