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Surya Nutan: Cooking is now easy and budget friendly with Indian oil’s new solar stove

Surya Nutan

Indian Oil’s Research & Development division created a unique solar cooking system, which is currently being tested at 60 locations across the nation with plans to expand its use soon.

Hardeep Singh Puri, the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, said while giving a demonstration of the Surya Nutan indoor solar cooking system that the new system is a huge shift from the current system.

The private sector will participate if the concept is implemented out well and if there is commercialisation. There are so many families, therefore the price will drop.

The system has been tested at 60 places

According to Puri’s conversation during the demonstration,The cooking system has been tested in 60 households and other institutions in Leh, Lakshadweep, Delhi-NCR, and Udaipur with the aim of gathering user feedback before the system’s use is scaled up.

Large-scale commercial exploitation will continue in the coming two to three months. The use of this product is not limited to India; if it proves to be successful in both domestic and commercial kitchens, it might be used outside the country.

New cooking system is budget friendly and indoor based

The solar cooking system has a patent from Indian Oil. The cooktop can stay indoors, in the kitchen, according to SSV Ramakumar, Director of Research and Development at Indian Oil. The heat is stored in a thermal battery.

He added that, to minimise heat loss, core material has been carefully chosen.

The system can run on electric heating when the sun is not shining. Ramakumar noted that the cooktop has an efficiency of about 80% and is connected to a 750-watt solar panel.

Rajkumar further added that at least eight cylinders are used annually by one family. 3 kg less greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved by saving 1 kg of LPG. Within the next three months, they’ll grow. It can be created for about Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 if there are subsidies.

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