Who is Temjen Imna Along? BJP Minister in limelight for humour

Temjen Imna Along

A video of Nagaland minster Temjen Imna Along is gaining a lot of attention for his unique and hilarious take on the racism the people of the North Eastern face due to their physical features such as small eyes.

In the video Along can be seen telling the benefits of having small eyes. His entire speech was in Hindi and people are just amazed by him speaking Hindi such fluently. The video on social media catches everyone’s eye and people started sharing the video all over the internet.

About the Video

Temjen Imna Along, the Higher Education as well as Tribal Affairs Minister from Nagaland while addressing a programme joked about the benefits of having small eyes. In no time, the speech went viral on social media and people applauded the minister for his humour.

In the viral video Along can be seen cranking a joke on the racism North East Indian people have to face.  He said that people say that the People of the North East have small eyes but I can see everything clearly. As soon as he said the line, people in the programme started clapping which can be heard in the video.

He further said there are some benefits of having small eyes such as less dirt entering the eyes and if a long programme is going on, he can easily sleep and nobody gets to know if he is sleeping or awake.

The video was first shared by Aaj Tak news anchor Shubhankar Mishra and later by Assam’s CM Hemanta Biswa Sarma also shared it. Along thanked the Aaj Tak anchor by retweeting the video he posted.

About Temjen Imna Along

Temjen Imna Along is a politician from India’s North Eastern state, Nagaland. He is the state president of Bharatiya Janata Party from the state since January 15, 2022. He is currently holding the Higher Education and Tribal Affairs Ministries as well as the Ministry of Tribal Affairs of Nagaland.

Along on the Google Search recommendation for his wife

As soon as the video of Temjen Imna Along went viral, he became an overnight sensation and people even started to search the name of his wife on google.

The minister applauded for his humour, again posted a screenshot of google search recommendation for his wife. He tweeted that he is also looking for a wife. Have a look:

His Another Tweet related this:


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