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Top 10 South Indian Movies in Hindi Dubbed Nett Collection: Kantara mints 80Cr+

Top south indian movie hindi dubbed

2022 has been the year of south Indian films so much so that the top 3 highest-grosser Indian films of the year are from south India. They are KGF2, RRR and Ponniyin Selvan-1.

They have grossed big from all quarters, not only this but small films like Kantara, Karthikeya 2, Sita Ramam, Rocketry, and 777 Charlie have won the hearts of cinephiles across the country and made it big at the box office.

Here, we are talking about those south Indian films that are not only in the home market but grossed big beyond the boundaries. The Hindi market has emerged as one of the biggest markets for south Indian films in recent times.

Check out the list of those south Indian movies that grossed big in the northern belt, below:

Top 10 South Indian Movies Hindi Collections (Nett figures)

The latest release Kannada sensation Kantara has seen its biz grow leaps and bounds due to positive word of mouth, the Hindi dubbed version of the film has netted 81 Cr+ in its over one-month run and still continues the dream run at the box office. With this, it has surpassed the Hindi bizz of KGF-Chapter 1 to become the 7th highest-grosser south film in Hindi.

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1- Baahubali2

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 510.99 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 1030.42 Cr nett

2- KGF-2

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 435.2 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 859.55 Cr nett


3- RRR

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 276.86 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 782 Cr nett


3- 2Point0

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 189.55 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 407 Cr nett


4- Saaho

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 150 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 315 Cr nett

5- Baahubali

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 118.7 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 440-450 Cr nett

6- Pushpa

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 109 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 267.55 Cr nett


7- Kantara

Box Office Hindi:₹ 81.72 Cr** nett (39 days)
Box Office India:
₹ 304.12 Cr** nett (53 days)

8- KGF1

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 44.09 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 185.24 Cr nett


9- Karthikeya2

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 31.40 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 86.75 Cr nett


10- Kabali

Box Office Hindi: ₹ 28 Cr nett
Box Office India: ₹ 211 Cr nett


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