Video: Rakhi Sawant said she wanted Uddhav Thackeray as Mumbai’s CM, trolled

Dancing star Rakhi Sawant says she desperately wants Uddhav Thackerey to become the ‘CM of Mumbai’ in now-viral video on Instagram. The trolls jump to take Rakhi’s case in the comments section below.

Rakhi Sawant took to Instagram to share a rather funny video of her talking about the Maharashtra’s current political scenario. The social media sensation blabbered on about how she has been ‘desperate’ to see Uddhav Thackrey lead the state as the ‘CM of Mumbai’. She is seen sporting her married avatar with red sindoor and mangalsutra around her neck.

Rakhi is being trolled for her baseless and annoying banter about ‘Mumbai Ka CM’. Apparently, the drama queen used ‘Mumbai ka CM’ instead of ‘Maharashtra Ka CM’ in the Instagram video. The trollers took the first opportunity to troll the queen for her lack of knowledge, IQ and awareness.

They left comments like ‘Mumbai me kab se cm bn ne lge rakhi aunty’, ‘Kya kya bolti ho mam mharastra k cm k liye tadap rahi hu had hai’, ‘Kuch bhi maalum nhi hai is ko faltu me badbad Kar te hai’ and many more. The now-viral video has taken the internet by a storm. Besides Mumbai’s political situation, Rakhi’s video is gaining maximum traction of the internet.

Currently Mumbai is experiencing a political unrest which would finally come to a hault today. Shivsena Leader Uddhav Thackrey will be at the Shivaji Park in Mumbai to perform the oath-taking ceremony. Along with him would be 2 members of Congress Party, NCP and Shivsena would also take oaths respectively.

Rakhi is known for her bold dance moves and plastic surgeries besides her dramatic public behavior. Recently, Rakhi hit the newspaper headlines when she secretly got married to an NRI in a hush-hush ceremony in a hotel room in JW Marriott on 28 July.  She shared pictures of her dressed as a Christian bride, wearing a white gown, a veil and a hell lot of diamonds around her neck.

Unlike Rakhi, her husband Riteish has never made even a single public appearance. He is not even active on social media channels whereas his beloved wife is a HIT already.

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