Bollywood playback singer Ranu Mondal trolled for hideous makeup

Ranu Mondal became an instant social media star when Netizens recognized the beauty of her voice. The 55-year-old became an over singing sensation when Ahindra Chakraborty, an engineer hailing from Ranaghat in West Bengal uploaded her video on his Facebook page.

The same Mondal is back in the news for all the wrong reasons this time. A photograph of the humble lady with hideous makeup is making the internet cringe. Ranu Mondal is blessed with colored skin but makeup artists who dolled her up for some occasion probably didn’t like it too much.

The MUA caked her up in a foundation shade that was at least 5 times lighter than her original skin color. One can hardly recognize Ranu hiding under all those layers of makeup, colored lenses and a magenta mouth. Not to mention how Ranu looks constipated more than ‘princess-like’ as per her makeup artist.

In now-viral pictures, Ranu is seen dressed in a bejewelled lehenga with tonnes of makeup laden on her face. She is seen sporting some very heavy gold ornaments that are best suited for the brides of the season. Going by the pictures, Ranu looks more misearble than pretty.

The Twitterati are having a field day as they troll the sorry figure in so many ways on the internet. While some came out in her defence, others simply enjoyed trolling her to the T.

While there’s nothing wrong with harmless fun; this incident goes on to show India’ obsession with light skin. In 2019, a few people still believe in ‘light skin goddesses’. However, a few intellectuals voiced their opinion on Twitter.

Ranu Mandal’s story is a real-life example of ‘rags to riches’. Hailing from a poor background, Ranu has truly found a designated place for herself in the music industry. Right from signing music album contracts to making public appearances on Nationa TV; Ranu is truly living the boss life.

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