Vishal Dadlani recieves backlash after derogatory tweet against CJI Ranjan Gogoi

The ‘Shaitaan ka Saala’ music composer Vishal Dadlani has landed himself in deep trouble on Twitter yet again. The singer wrote a derogatory and disgraceful tweet against former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi followed which was the wrath of angst Netizens.

The Twitterati were quick enough to make Vishal’s tweet to go viral on social media, making him the talk of the two this morning.

Vishal’s tweet read:

The loud singer has targeted the legacy of Ranjan Gogoi as ‘disgraceful’ and ‘cowardly’. The tweet has irked Indians on Twitter making them lash out in anger. The Twitteratti are demanding the music composer to be sacked from the popular reality TV show ‘Indian Idol Season 11’. The fans were quick enough to flood the #SackDadlaniFromIndianIdol and make it trend on the micro-blogging site.

Some of the most outrageous fan tweets read:

The tweets range anywhere between the fans asking the makers to dismiss Vishal as the judge on the reality TV show to offering the deserving replacements for him on the show. The furious Tweeples have gone on to say that they would happily boycott Sony LIV app for having a ‘anti-nationalist’ amongst the judges of a reputed show like Indian idol.

They also said that somebody who disrespects the ex CJI of India is also indirectly shamming the constitution of India. Many felt that the entire act of maligning a reputed personality should be dealt with ultimate strictness and punishment.

This isn’t the first time ‘Swag Se Swagat’ composer has landed himself in hot waters on Twitter. His unapologetic behaviour and unfiltered tweets have previously made him the talk of the town. Just recently, Vishal Dadlani was called on Twitter by songstress Sona Mohapatra for supporting his Indian idol co-judge Anu Malik.

The 59-year-old music composer was accused of forced sexual behaviour with Sona Mohapatra last year during the uprising of #MeToo movement.

She went to call him a hypocrite who’s selectively vocal about national issues.

Do you think Vishal Dadlani should tone it down a bit on Twitter?

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