WAR Movie Review: This High-Octane Action Film is Strictly For Hrithik-Tiger Fans

Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff put up a fabulous show for the fanboys of the lead pair, action sequences and high-octane stunts but overall the movie is big ‘bore’.

‘WAR’ is a film suitable for those who are major fans of Bollywood style ‘maar-dhaad’, high-octane action sequences, dreamy locations and an overall good looking film. For some, it is a ‘total paisa wasool’ deal but for us, it was a major snooze fest.

‘WAR’ delivers what it had promised – two good looking men locking down horns, chasing cars, shooting down bad guys but that’s all. The makers are so obsessed with the two eye-candies that they barely pay any attention to other details like forced twists, expected surprises and acting.

Vaani Kapoor turns up in the second half of the film where she raises temperatures in a bikini and the rest of her 9-minute-performance is quite missable.

The story revolves around Kabir (Hrithik) and Khalid (Tiger) who share the mentee and mentor relationship. Kabir loses it to go on a killing spree shooting men of Indian Intelligence and Indian Army.

The Intelligence requests Khalid to stop Kabir as he’s the only one who can stop the unstoppable. The first half takes us into the flashback of how the two met, fought villains, danced and laughed liked brothers.

The second half is far-fetched, boring and murdered with over-acting. The spectacle is great and how but the sense-less plotline is undigestable. By the end, you would question your decision of even booking the tickets if you’re not Hrithik-Tiger’s fans.

We have to give it to the makers for creating a visual feast with great cinematography, makeup, and background score but everything else just pulls the movie down.

Hrithik is the only saving grace who looks magnificent in his salt and pepper look. Directed by Siddharth Anand and helmed by Yash Raj Films, miserably falls flat on its face due to its predictable and poor storyline.

Verdict: ‘WAR’ is a big letdown if you walk-in the theatre expecting some next-level cinema since it is made on such a big budget. If you have absolutely nothing to watch today, go sleep but don’t watch ‘WAR’.

Box Office: On the ticket window, WAR is off to a bumper opening. There is no stopping it and it is expected to collect around 50 crores on day 1.

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