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Anupama Written Update October, 13th: Vanraj realizes his mistake and Apologizes for it

Anupama 13 October

Anuj saw Anupama in his dreams and woke up and got scared. GK asks him about the hope in his dream. Anuj said if it’s in the dream, then it’s okay but here it’s in his heart. GK says if hope is in a dream then it vanishes as soon as you open your eyes, but if it’s in your heart you need to learn to live with it.

Someone kidnaps Nandini and the next morning when Pakhi is all ready to go to school and she comes downstairs,she sees her parents holding sorry balloons.She asks them to promise they will never fight again and they promise it to her.Everyone gathers there and Kavya says please someone now don’t create any drama. Leela even says that Someone.Pakhi dances with her parents on the song ‘itti si khushi itti si hasi’.

Anuj drives to the office. GK asks him if he wants to talk about the hope in his heart. Anuj denied by saying no he didn’t want to.Gk says he thinks Vanraj has sent a spy to his office to keep an eye on him and Anu. Anuj says he knows Vanraj he will never backstab.Gk says if he is worried about Kavya being in office. Anuj says he will take care of everything and will not let anyone harm Anu.

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Gk says he wants to go for practice for dandiya in Navratri. Anuj promises to drop there, but he will not invite Anu as he doesn’t want any drama in his life anymore.

Pakhi leaves for the school happily and Vanraj for his cafe. After that Kinjial asks Anu to go to the office, she may have a lot of work to do. Bapuji says he will announce in the colony about her cooking competition so others who are interested can Participate.

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Leela taunts Anu over this. Anu walks towards the office and sees Nandini leaving with bags. She asks Nandini where she is going? Nandini says she is going to the US. Anu asks her why she is leaving without letting anybody know about it? Nandini says she will not return back to the US. Rohan will kill Samar as he is so wealthy and powerful, he can do anything.

She loves Samar, if anything happens to him, she will die. So it’s better to leave India and do what Rohan says. Anu stops Nandini but Nandini asks her to let her go if she cares about Samar’s life. Anu leaves her hand.

Vanraj walks to Kavya and remembers her Taunt and Anu’s advice. Vanraj congratulates Kavya and wishes her all the best in her new job. She thanked him and said she has to start after Navratri. Anu holds Nandini hand and says she is not only Samar’s mother but also her too and no one can eye on their children. Nandini says she doesn’t know who Rohan’s father is and he will kill Samar. Anu says and he doesn’t know who Samar’s father is. Anu says about Vanraj that he will do anything for his children.

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Nandini kept pleading not to inform Leela or Vanraj about it to Anupama.

Vanraj apologies to chef Vinod. Chef asked him not to repeat it again. Vanraj thanked Pakhi for making him realize his mistakes. Anu says she will not inform them now but she has to inform Samar once he is back and also to his father.

And asked Nandini to be with her all the time. She will not let Rohan do anything wrong with her children.

Episode ends.

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