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Anupama Written Update October 23: Anupama Continues To Support Anuj

Anupama Written Update October 23rd

The episode begins with Anupama praying that she stands corrected while she gives a justification for her friendship with Anuj. she says everyone is always raising questions over their relationship. Leela taunts her that a girl and a boy can never stay friends. Sarita adds that if she wants to continue her friendship with Anuj, she can move to Anuj’s house and she asks her not to spoil this society.

Hearing all this, Anupama replies back by quoting an example of Lord Krishna and Draupadi! She says why is no one ever questioning the relationship of Kavya and Vanraj when Kavya comes and goes? Sarita starts insulting Anupama again to which she replies that she shouldn’t say all this as such she has been troubling her daughter-in-law all the time.

Anupama adds that she is very comfortable in her friendship with Anuj and tells Leela that he is a good person. Leela sarcastically replies back by saying yes the world knows how good he is.

Anupama says Anuj has always maintained his friendship with her and so she also wants to do the same and that she will always stand by him. She tells Leela that she has no right to disrespect him and no one else should disrespect him too. She says that their friendship is pure and sacred. Hansmukh, GK, Samar, and others are delighted to hear this and clap.

Anupama borrows Samar’s phone and asks Anuj to click their selfie as they were the best Jodi winners. She says the photo is good not because their camera is good, but because the person in the photo has a heart of gold. Vanraj asks Anupama to come home and then talk to him to which she replies that she will have to do something before coming home.

Anupama says that Ravana is burnt every year to celebrate the triumph of good over evil but today they will burn it to kill the wrong perceptions of people. She asks Anuj to burn the effigy. Anuj lights Ravana. Leela says she can’t stand Anupama now and can’t stay under the same roof with her.

Later on, Anuj is delighted to think about how Anupama fought for him and took a stand for him. Anupama stands numb thinking about how she spoke against Leela.


Anupama asks Anuj why has he not gotten married till now. He asks her if he should tell her the truth to which she says yes. Everyone at the house is waiting for Anupama to come back. Vanraj looks worried for Anupama.

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