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West Bengal: 1.5 kg jewellery and coins removed from woman’s stomach

West Bengal: 1.5 kg jewellery and coins removed from woman's stomach

You might be storing your precious ornaments in security proof shelves and bank locker, but a woman in Bengal turned her stomach into a belly locker by swallowing solid objects whenever she was left alone.

In West Bengal, a woman’s stomach turned out to be her treasure house as the doctors have drawn out oodles of jewellery and coins from it. The incident has shocked everyone.

This woman was mentally unstable and used to swallow solid items whenever he was left alone. The doctors have reportedly removed 1.5 kg jewellery and coins from her stomach during an operation.

Siddharth Biswas, The Surgery chief of Rampurhat Government Medical College and Hospital, said that the woman is twenty-six years and her stomach was a storehouse full of jewellery like earrings, bangles, wristwatch, chain and bangles.

After the surgery, the doctor said that almost 90 coins were drawn out from the woman’s stomach and the jewellery was mostly of copper, and few of them were of gold also.

The woman was admitted in the hospital for surgery as she used to vomit whenever she ate anything.

The mother of the woman said that she noticed the jewellery items getting stolen from her house since last few months and whenever she asked about this to her daughter, she started crying.

She also said that she used to keep an eye on her daughter, but anyhow, she used to get successful in swallowing these jewellery items.

She started feeling sick from the last two months, and it was then that they took him to a doctor. She was prescribed medicines, but her condition didn’t improve.

After her situation became critical, she was admitted to the hospital where the doctors kept her under observation and later her surgery was done where this entire mystery got resolved.

However, this is not one of a kind case where solid objects are recovered from a human body. Last week, when a man complained of severe abdomen pain, doctors at a hospital in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh removed 30 solid objects, including razor blades and screwdrivers.

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