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Manhunt continues on Facebook to find the owner of the dog who abandoned him for an ‘illicit affair’

Dog abandoned for an ‘illicit affair’

A middle-class obsession to honour recently takes a toll on a dog who was abandoned by his owner for having an illicit affair with the neighbour’s dog.

You might have heard of parents abandoning their children after knowing about their illicit affair, but the recent misery is being faced by Pomeranian dog who has been abandoned by the owner for having an affair with the neighbour’s dog.

This situation is bizarre and totally unbelievable as who would have thought that dogs too need to follow limitations set by the owner when it comes to being in love. While the people are considering this as a prank, it has been confirmed that this happened in reality in Thiruvananthapuram.

This entire unfortunate situation occurred on Sunday night when a call was received by the volunteers of the city chapter of People For Animals.

The people informed them about an abandoned Pomeranian dog near the World Market. When the volunteers reached to take the dog, they saw that it was quite frightened and reluctant to mingle.

Some people gave food to it, but the dog didn’t even look at the food. The PFA volunteer Shameen then took the dog to her house and the dog is currently under her care only.

“I took her home and put her in my kennel. She is really nice, someone would adopt her soon. But there is a really hopeful look on her face, expecting that her owner would come to pick her up,” says Shameem, the PFA volunteer.

After being abandoned by the owner, the Pomeranian is in safe hands currently and a manhunt is going on the Facebook to find the owner of the dog.

Till now, it has not been revealed whether the owner is a man or a woman and neither it has been ascertained whether the neighbour’s dog was a cut, street dog or a mongrel.

But considering the way the owner has abandoned his dog, it’s quite clear that the neighbour’s dog was not a right match for his pet and he got heartbroken to know about his illicit affair leading to this outrageous decision of abandoning the pet dog.

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