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The mystery continues as 3 men claim to be father of newborn girl in Kolkata

The mystery continues as 3 men claim to be father of newborn girl in Kolkata

There have been cases where the parents abandon newborns because of unwanted pregnancy or childbirth. However, in a recent case, 3 men claim to be the father of a newborn girl.

In a recent incident in Kolkata hospital, three men are fighting the battle to prove themselves as the father of the baby who has just been delivered by a woman in South Kolkata Hospital.

This whole matter came into limelight on Saturday evening when a pregnant woman came to IRIS Hospital to deliver her baby. Her mom and an unidentified man accompanied her while she got admitted to the hospital.

This man claimed himself to be the father of the yet to be born child, and he filled the form and deposited the money required by the hospital.

The woman was then taken into the operation theatre for routine delivery on Sunday morning, and it was during this time only that another man entered the hospital claiming to be the father of the yet to be born child.

He wanted to meet the pregnant lady claiming that he was her husband. The hospital staff informed him that her husband was already there with him, and he had already completed the formalities.

While all this was going on the lady give birth to a baby. There was a huge fight between man one and man two and the Police asked both of them to produce a marriage certificate.

While man two produced it, man one said that he was the friend of the lady giving a twist to the whole matter. But the mother of the lady refused to acknowledge man two as his son in law, which increased the severity of the situation.

The Police then thought it would be best for the lady to decode the entire scenario. But the confusion didn’t end here. On Monday morning, man three came saying that he was the father of the newborn but was not the lady’s husband as they didn’t get married.  The Police waited for the woman to gain consciousness and reveal the entire matter.

Later the lady told that man two was his husband and his child’s father. But he initially refused to accept her and got married to her only when she accused him of rape and spent time in prison.

The second man, on the other hand, said that both of them were too young to handle a responsibility, so the man asked for some time from the lady when she got pregnant. But he complained to him after which they finally got married, but their family never accepted them.

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