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To increase wildlife awareness, Narendra Modi will feature in “Man Vs Wild”

To increase wildlife awareness, Narendra Modi will feature in “Man Vs Wild”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to row boat and go on a wildlife adventure with Discovery’s renowned adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls in “Man Vs Wild”.

Narendra Modi is known for his fearless attitude and challenging initiatives. People love his new avatar and constantly look up to him for a new wind of change.

Have you ever thought what it would seem like seeing your favourite Prime Minister seeking a dose of adventure in the oldest lush green National Park of India where birds and wild animals roam freely? Sounds interesting? This is what you’ll get to watch in the historic Discovery show “Man Vs Wild”.

Bear Grills will accompany PM Modi in this wild adventure, and you’ll see an absolutely new side of Modi in this eventful journey. This interesting episode has been shot in Jim Corbett National Park and will be aired on August 12.

A clip of this show was recently shared by Bear Grills where PM Modi was seen riding a dinghy in the river along with the host of the show Bear Grills.

In another scene, Grylls is seen being welcomed by PM Modi hold up a weapon made of bamboo and other exotic materials that come from the forest. He says to him “ I’ll keep this weapon with me for you”.

This is just the trailer, and the whole episode will have much more interesting things where you’ll see Modi venture into the wilderness.

The show has been shot to create awareness about wildlife conversation, environmental change and tree plantation.

Since PM Modi is a very popular figure and a huge number of people follow him, this show will definitely help in raising awareness about the conservation of the wildlife habitats and wildlife species too.

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