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Sparking A Rift in the Team: Rohit Sharma unfollows Virat & Anushka Sharma

Failed to deliver as a team when it mattered: Rohit Sharma tweeted with a heavy heart

While the nation is waiting to see team India bring yet another trophy home, the cricketers seem to hush whispers of a rift between each other.

All is not well between the Indian cricketers and superstar egos might impact their performance as well. This whole incident came into limelight when Rohit Sharma unfollowed both Virat Kohli and her wife Anushka Sharma on Instagram.

There has been frequent speculation that a rift exists between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli and now this has totally got confirmed after Rohit Sharma unfollowed both Virat Kohli and her wife Anushka Sharma on Instagram. Thanks to the wives of Rohit Sharma and Anushka Sharma as their jealousy seems to trouble the team too now. These speculations of a rift between bot these players had already started when team Inda lost against New Zealand in the World Cup semi-final. Few sources were even hinting that the team has divided into two distinct lobbies now.

Virat Kohli, on the other hand, is following Rohit Sharma, but not his wife Ritika and Anushka Sharma have unfollowed both Ritika and Rohit. The Committee of Administrators intervened on the whole matter of web rumors and said to media that these are all stories spilled by the media itself.

BCCI had earlier too denied over the split between the captaincy between both these players. However, the only secret that they spilled was that a senior player had angered Kohli by breaching the family clause which specified clearly for how much of time players can stay with their family during the World Cup.

Anushka Sharma had also shared a cryptic post on Instagram offering hint of being hurt after the rumored fallout between her husband and Virat Kohli. She further added to the post saying that only truth can shake hand with silence in a mess of false appearances.

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