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Salman enters Bigg Boss house to solve Arhaan Khan-Rashami Desai case

Arhaan Khan’s shocking truth about wife and son has adversely affected his relationship with girlfriend, Rashami Desai. Bigg Boss 13 host Salman Khan will enter the house in tonight’s episode to solve matters between the two.

The Saturday night episode of Bigg Boss 13 ‘Weekend Ka War’ had been nothing short of a dramatic film. The host Salman Khan unraveled some shocking truths about Arhaan Khan’s past life which caused a supreme unrest in Rashami Desai’s world.

Salman Khan disclosed that Arhaan Khan was very-well married and also father to a youngster with her ex-wife. The exposive revelations devastated Rashami Desaito an extent that she couldn’t control her sobs.

In a recently released promo by Colors TV, host Salman Khan is seen entering the house to console Rashami Desai. Salman has known Rashami for a very long time which is why he had to disclose the details about her boyfriend Arhaan. As per the promo, Rashami is seen crying inconsolably in the presence of Salman Khan and Arhaan Khan.

Salman tells Arhaan that he had committed the silliest mistake of hi life by hiding such a detail from Rashami. Arhaan accepts his mistakes while Rashami continues to cry. Rashami even asks Salman to let her go from the show. Salman Khan tries to sort things out between them.

The same incident came a shocker for Rashami-Arhaan fans who were rooting for the couple ever since Arhaan re-entered the Bigg Boss 13 house. The fans weren’t too happy about the facts revealed in the show as they lashed out on Twitter.

According to mood on Twitter, it seems BB13 fans are outraged by Arhaan’s secrets. The fans are constantly using the micro-blogging site to support Rashami Desai, who seems like the innocent one out of the two. As per fans, Rashami has been through a lot and deserves someone better than lying Arhaan Khan.

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